Come join us as we explore the world from the perspective of those who view the earth from above. The emphasis will be on Canadian bush pilots and aircraft, but the connecting theme throughout the site will be the desire to fly to the remote areas of the world.
Not just for bush pilots, however, Virtual Horizons will be for anyone who has flown or who has ever wanted to fly. We will bring you stories, articles, letters, and photographs (fact or fiction; past or present) from and about bush pilots and the places they fly.
Live the virtual present and relive the past as we visit the incredibly beautiful landscapes, and experience the sheer excitement of flying into a remote fly-in fishing resort, lodge or bush camp on a Cessna, a Beaver, or an Otter. You may even recognize one of your pilots in our stories or find yourself the subject of one of our tall tales.
So get prepared to buckle your seat belt. Virtual Horizons wants to bring you back the pure enjoyment and romance in reading the best stories about bush pilots as they wing their way across the vast areas of the world's untamed wilderness.

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I am very pleased to announce that, for the second year in a row, Virtual Horizons has been named as one of the top aviation sites out in cyber space. When I started only a short time ago, my aviation related web searches came up blank except for a small site by Embry-Riddle University. Now, suddenly, I am only one of hundreds. Time flies. As do we all eventually. So admire the designer seal, buy the book, read the review, and then let me know what you think.
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Once inside, the attitude indicator (or horizon) at the bottom right of each page will guide you back to where you started or to the next destination of choice. The eBush Communications page is the way out. In other words the "Exit." From there you can jump off into any one of my Select Site locations. This page is under construction, but check it out to see what is coming up. Virtual Horizons is not specifically a commercial site, but for those of you looking for exposure, or for companies wishing to advertise,  please email me with your ideas. Thanks for your support.

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