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Welcome to Virtual Horizon's home page for all Aviation Friends.
Welcome to Virtual Horizon's home page for all Aviation Friends.

Bush Plane Photo Gallery

* Gallery1 Beavers.

* Gallery2 Goose & Beech 18 & B206.

* Gallery3 Nigeria & Fiji.

* Gallery4 Twin Otter Slide Show.

* Gallery5 Your Photographs. 

* Gallery6 Your Photographs.  Sun Express.

* Gallery7 Your Photographs.  Ecotrust Beaver.

* Gallery8 Maldives.

* Gallery9 Maldives.

* Gallery10 Maldives.

* Gallery11 Irian Jaya.  Pinky and the Chief!

"Oh, the life of an 'airy assed bush pilot", as the English would say.
"Oh, the life of an 'airy assed bush pilot", as the English would say.

News & Views

* Tragedy in the Maldives.   December 03rd, 1999.

* Warning to Pilots about Eyas Air in Dubai.  April 10th, 2000.

Your Stories

Three great short stories by Mike Kemper.

* Herby's Last Fishing Trip!

* Minnows

* Mercury

Here's an "I learned from that" flying narrative from Bruce Bowles.

* Tatters

Two chapters out of the book Fly Yellow Side Up by Garth Wallace.

* Respect, But No Money!

* Have You Ever Been in a Boat?


Click on the images to call up larger photographs.
Hummingbird's Twin Otter
Photograph by "Jimbo" James Pearce.

Job Listing! *  

Listing as of April, 2000: Pan African Airlines will be looking for an experienced floatplane pilot to work in Nigeria. Send your updated resumes here to Virtual Horizons.
Maldivian Air Taxi is an excellent outfit to work for. They can have anywhere up to 16 Twin Otters working at any one time. Most of their hires come from Ken Borek out of Calgary, but you can call the Chief Pilot Ken Simpkins for further information at 960 315201 or fax 960 315203.
To apply for Trans Maldivian Airways (ex-Hummingbird) fax your resume to the Chief Pilot Frank Henessey at 960 323161.
To apply for Sun Express contact them at Phone 960 320001 for more information or fax your resume to 960 320007.
      If you are looking to work overseas you might consider Zimex. They are currently working in Angola and Algeria. You must have at least 500 hours PIC on type and a current PPC for the DH6 Twin Otter, or 50 hours on type and a current PPC for the PC6T Pilatus Porter to apply. They also require a current instrument rating. Contact info@zimex.ch to obtain further application information.

Slate Fall's Cessan Caravan
This Caravan was the original guppy that sunk in the Maldives.
Back in Canada now, it's still going strong.
Photograph by Rich Hulina.

Aviation Friends Directory

*Hudson Bay Helicopters
Helicopters! Some of the most exciting and envious flying in Northern Canada.
Check out the Steve Miller home page. Great photos now in place with a
July '99 update!

*Churchill and the Seal River Heritage Lodge. The last episode to
The Fly-in Pancake Breakfast, and where we meet our hosts Mike and
Jeanne Reimer. Ringed seals and Inuit tent rings. Polar bears and beluga whales.
We have it all! Including the pancakes.

*Slate Falls Airways of Sioux Lookout, Ontario has provided us
with some bright images of their hard working Caravan.
An Orange Caravan float! Sounds like something cool for a hot summer.

*Robert S. Grant
Writer, photographer, pilot. Order your personal copy of
Bush Flying: The Romance of the North
or a copy of his new book: Great Northern Bush Planes

*Robert R. Taylor
Photographer, writer, and a friend to many bush pilots.
Find out more about his photography books of Northern Canada.
The Edge of the Arctic: Churchill and the Hudson Bay Lowlands.

*Virtual North
Explore Virtual North's incredible world of Canadian Fishing Resorts, Lodges,
and Adventure Tours. Find a place to fish, or find a place to fly,
in this labyrinth of useful links and information.

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