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Note from the Editor.
Welcome. Although I am a Canadian in heart & mind, I have been working overseas for 16 years. As anyone could imagine, I have found it very difficult to update these pages on a regular basis. Please bear with me and check back occasionally for new stories and updates. Thanks for your patience while I try to keep the site alive and interesting.
The loyal support given over the past years have encouraged me to keep going after all the obstacles I have had to face. The large amount of positive e-mail I get tells me that we, as aviation friends, share a special vision. The encouraging comments also tell me that this site has brought many of us together, at least in spirit if not in place.
The eBush Communications Page is organized to bring our friends together into a virtual space or location, including the Bush Pilot Registry, a Bulletin Board, and a fireside Chat Room. Whenever you have been surfing Virtual Horizons for awhile remember to exit through the eBush Communications page to find out how we are progressing. If you have any comments or questions let me know.

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